This week at Juilliard

It took Juilliard 6 weeks to remove a petrified cockroach carcass from a staircase near the harp studio.

I hate cockroaches.

Almost as much as I hate useless emails from university administrations.

Dear Students,                                                                                            4/1/2016

In light of recent events, the Office of Student Affairs has been working with student representatives and faculty to address an urgent matter here at the Juilliard School. We understand that the continuing presence of a cockroach carcass in staircase A between the 3rd and 4th floors has been distressing, and has fundamentally inhibited the creative process for many of you. As such, The OSA will be running a series of workshops and events to help you cope with such stresses both now and in your future careers as professional musicians, and to look positively on your exposure to cockroaches. 

Cockroach Testimonials: How I was Affected by the Cockroach

Tuesday, April 5, 6-7pm, Room 560C

In this session, students are encouraged to share selfies, twitter feeds and social media posts with each other, so as to explore their feelings about the collective experience of scholastic roach infestation. At the end of the session, students will be invited to compose short responses to sum up their encounters, even at their most traumatic.

“Wouldn’t it be sick if I had as many fingers as that cockroach had legs? My Paganini would be totally rad!” – Anne Akiko Meyers, 3rd Year, Viola

Bystander Intervention Training /Off Campus Housing Info Session

Wednesday, April 6, 12-2pm, Room 101

Our specially devised training provides a framework for explaining the shocking and unexpected presence of cockroaches in New York City, reviews relevant research, and teaches skills for intervening using the 5 Decision Making Steps and the P.T.S.D. Model (Phone The Super, Dumbass). You can earn double Horizons credit for attending!

Overcoming Prejudice: Being a Cockroach

Thursday, April 7, 1-2pm, SMR (105)

Diversity Advocates are teaming up with the Department of Interdivisional Liberal Arts to hold a session devoted to Kafka’s Metamorphosis. Students will be encouraged to empathize with pests in reading three or four sentences from Kafka, and envision what it’s like to be a disease ridden insect. All students who successfully complete the entire first chapter in by the end of the semester will receive either two full semester’s liberal arts credit or a free hot drink at JOE. Lunch and free coffee from JOE will be served.

Roundtable Discussion: Yoko Ono

Friday, April 8, 1-2pm, (Location TBA)

The Alan D. Marks Center for Career Services & Entrepreneurship is thrilled to welcome Juilliard alumna Yoko Ono, an important voice in the genre of exterminatory art, as she discusses her own career in banishing cockroaches with her unique sound. The session continues in a smaller group setting where you can have your complex questions and concerns addressed in a casual setting. Take advantage of this rare and extremely valuable opportunity!

Squish! Music Inspired by Bugs

Friday, April 8, 8pm, Peter Jay Sharp Theater

To wrap up the week, the Juilliard Chamber Orchestra will present an evening of exciting contemporary music, specifically chosen and prepared by the students to evoke the feelings and hardships of your collective experiences.

Haydn – Symphony no. 94, “Surprise”

Mozart – Piano Concerto no. 23 in A

Beethoven – Symphony no. 3 in E-flat


We apologize again for all inconvenience and discomfort over the past few weeks. Know that the OSA is here to help in any way we can!


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